Last Name


First Name



TraXy, Zopheya

Date of Birth

15 July 1982

Astrological Sign

Cancer & Water Dog

Place of Birth

Mölndal, Sweden


Mother Ewa, father Kurt Carlsson


Anna (8 yrs older), Maria (5 yrs older)




Lives in Båstad, Sweden


167 cm according to my passport

Colour of Hair

Dark blondish normally, but henna-dyed reddish all the time

Colour of Eyes

Green/blue/grey, with a little bit gold


Music, Internet, webdesigning, reading, writing

ICQ Numbers

#35107175, #49965940

Email Address

Several. Far too many, actually. Nearly anything @thomasanders.net usually works.

First Public Appearence

I don't know, but I remember singing Kikki-songs at a party once... :c)

First Major Success

I learned to read and write before school?

Biggest Success

Getting online and learning HTML from basics, without help

She is a Fan of...

"She is obsessed with..." Modern Talking & Robert Jordan's the Wheel of Time-books. And traditional Irish music.

Favourite Food

Doesn't matter, as long as there's no milk, pig or cow in it.

Favourite Drinks

Apfelschlore (carbonated apple juice)! Man, that's good stuff! Kiviks Herrgårdscider Äpple tastes just like it.

Favourite Music

Totally schizophrenic, you should see my collections! :c) But MT and traditional Irish music beats the lot!

Favourite CD

Nick my Dublin Fair "Jamboree - The Album" (or any of my MT albums) and suffer a slow, painful death!

Favourite Book

The Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan), The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Douglas Adams), Good Omens (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman), Harry Potter (JK Rowling).

Favourite Place

England. Although Koblenz is nice too. But not as nice as London.

Favourite Actors

Kathy Bates and Robin Williams, and I'm totally in love with Alyson Hannigan, Dale Midkiff and Matthew Porretta. :c)

Favourite Movies

"Dead Poets Society", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Dirty Dancing", "The Diary of Bridget Jones". And Harry Potter.

Favourite Car

"Doesn't matter, main thing Cabrio" ;c)

Favourite Pet

Cats! But elephants, owls and tigers are neat as well.

Life Slogan

"Does this have any meaning, galactically speaking?"


WoT-Pagan. Don't ask. Or please do. :c)


The most harmless drug in the world: Music

At Home...

"I always walk barefoot... most of the time."

How would she prefer to die?

Sooner or later, hopefully it won't hurt, because that would be a bit of a bummer, really.