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Koblenz - M-maifeld ticket


* How do I get there?
- From Koblenz Hbf: Take the 6053 bus to Polch. In Polch, take the 6037 bus to Münstermaifeld. See timetable ("Fahrplan") at www.kevag.de . The buses in the area are in pretty good condition, and don't be surprised if it drives in the opposite direction of M-maifeld when you're going there. You WILL get there, eventually! And if you're lucky, it might be Heinz who's driving! (if it is, give him a big hug from me!)

* How much does it cost?
- Koblenz Hbf - M-maifeld: 10,50 DM (single ticket). From M-maifeld to KO, it might cost you more. It cost me 4-something DM from M-maifeld to Polch, and 10,50 DM from Polch to KO on the way back.

* What's there to see in M-maifeld?
- Apart from the house where Thomas grew up? Uhh... The birth house of J.H. Büchner, but I have no idea who that is! You'll find the house on Marktplatz. They've got a church too, and that's about it. It's a small place. ;c)

* Are there any shops?
- Yes, there are several, but I didn't spend much time in the town to look in more than one (it took almost 2 hours to get there, and the same to go back - and that's half the day!). But do have a look in that shop! It's Buchhandlung im Maifeld (book shop) on Obertorstrasse 26 (also near the Marktplatz). Say hi to Christiane and Beate from me! :c)

* Where can you get something nice to eat?
- I wasn't there long enough to have time to eat anything, which was a little sad, because I was really hungry! I'm sure there are several places you can get something to eat.