Modern Talking

Dieter Bohlen,
composer & producer

Thomas Anders,
singer & composer

Luis Rodriguez,

Eric Singleton,

Formed in Germany in 1984, Modern Talking has become the biggest band in German pop history. Dieter Bohlen (then 30) and Thomas Anders (then 21) had worked together since 1983, when the record company brought them together. In the summer 1984, Dieter wrote a song called "You're My Heart You're My Soul", and asked if Thomas could sing it in English (previously, they had made songs in German), and that's basically how Modern Talking begun their career. The record company loved the song, and so did the listeners, since it climbed the charts all around the world. In three years, they managed to release six albums, and receive one double platium award after the other, but things weren't so great as you would assume. Three years (and 60 million sold records) later, the news came in 1987 - Modern Talking had split up. Afterwards there were a lot of harsh words between the superstars, and no one would ever dream about them making a comeback eleven years later.

So why did they split up? Back then, many people laid the blame on Thomas Anders, and so his six solo albums weren't very successful, since it was "the Thomas Anders of Modern Talking"... But later on, the blame is put more on Thomas' wife Nora, who didn't quite know how to handle her husband's career, and let alone her part as his wife.

Dieter Bohlen, on the other hand, went on with his successful music career and re-appeared in the charts as Blue System. And he didn't just do six albums - he did thirteen, and produced other artists at the same time, so he really kept himself busy after Modern Talking.

In 1994, Dieter picked up the phone and called Thomas. It had been seven years of silence between the former best friends, who were now only talking to eachother via magazines, and not by using kind language. They both appologuised their behaviour in the end of Modern Talking, and found out there were still some friendship left between them.

It was March 1998 when the impossible happened. A pressconference was called at Hotel Mariot in Frankfurt, and the press got there, and got a huge surprise: Modern Talking were re-united. They had been asked by Europe's biggest TV-show, "Wetten daß...?", if they could get together and perform some of their old songs. They took this as an opportunity to remix the old hits, because after all, times change, and so does the sound. So they met the audience with the old songs, with a fresh and new sound, and released their comeback album, "Back For Good - The 7th Album". This contained, of course, all the remixes, but also four new songs. Had they really come back to stay?

The answer was obvious when "You're My Heart You're My Soul", now featuring rapper Eric Singleton, climbed the charts worldwide once again. They were back, and they were big - three or four times bigger than in the 80:es! Tours, photo sessions, and awards were once again a part of their busy schedules, but it doesn't stop there. Just when you thought things might be calming down, "Alone - The 8th Album" was released in February 1999, and put Modern Talking right back where they belong - as no.1. 1999 was also the year their brand new fanclub was launched, but it doesn't stop here either.