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This Time it'll work!

The first solo album of Thomas after the Modern Talking split was released Feb.23, and is called This Time.
I have to listen to it a few more times before I can make a review, since I just got it! Will add soundclips as soon as I have the time to!

Happy Birthday!

1 March is the birthday of Thomas Anders, who turns 41 this year. Happy birthday!

King Of Love

Thomas' second solo single is called King Of Love or L-O-V-E (King Of Love and is a bit of a disco tune. Reminds a bit of Juliet.

Independent Girl

Thomas Anders solo - will it work better this time? First single in his new solo career is a catchy tune called "Independent Girl".

Modern Talking split

After the concert in Rostock, Friday 6th June 2003, Dieter announced that MT "are finished. No more MT. No 20-year anniversary. No nothing. Just a best of album no one needs if they have all the 12 MT albums already.

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Happy birthday, Claudia!
Happy birthday wishes from all us fans to Claudia Weidung. May your 32nd year be fantastic!

Please do not send any emails, since I have blocked all incoming emails to
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Since the site is moving, there will be some temporary glitches, such as
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1. When the URL ThomasAnders.net is up for renewal again, I'll let it go. The site will remain, but using another (costless) address. If I don't put my heart and soul into this website anymore, then I don't feel I can afford to put any more money into it by paying for a URL. Instead, go to ThomasAnders.tk, an address that is working already.

2. The news won't be updated - but that shouldn't be a loss, since I haven't updated the news for 6 months or more anyway. :c/ I'm not keeping up with the news anymore, and I think it's better to not have any news than have old news, and I'm sure you would agree to that!

3. Already, I've made some changes in the multiple language thingy. Most of the content is in English, and if you go to a page, and see a little flag symbol just below the page title on the left (the green bit), that means the article is avaliable in another language. It might be annoying to get used to, but it saves a lot of work for me.

4. From time to time, I'll update the site. I know I've got the lyrics of like two MT albums to add, and stuff like that. Don't worry, I'll make the efford eventually. Same goes for any discography and article updates.

5. I'll have a chat with Elaine about the Fanmade Archive. It's a great idea, but I'm thinking we should just close it down for new submissions. What's there is there, and it'll still be there. It's a fun feature, I don't want to deprive people of! (Especially the crazy fanfic which I love dearly!)

And if anyone should be wondering - don't you worry, Thomas Anders is still the best singer in the world, in my opinion! He'll always be a great guy, who I am very fond of, as well as Claudia. I wish them both, and of course little Alexander, all the best in the world. :c)

I'd like to thank everyone who has ever been involved with this site in one way or the other - visitors, photographers, translators, contributors, fellow fans, etc. Reading your positive comments has really encouraged me in continuing the often very hard work of managing this site. Without you, this site would never have reached the size it is now (this site's folder on my harddrive consists of 1627 files in 43 folders and around 61Mb...)! Thank you!

Hope I'm not disappointing too many people by saying this. *bites lip* Oh well. Let's make Thomas number 1 in the charts!!

All the best,
/Sofia, the Weltmaster of WW!


Sound Clip
Sound Clip history

"Universe" (MP3)
The last MT album!
01- 0:43 (128kb)
02- 0:27 (134kb)
03- 0:22 (109kb)
04- 0:26 (128kb)
05- 0:24 (119kb)
06- 0:26 (128kb)
07- 0:26 (130kb)
08- 0:24 (120kb)
09- 0:24 (121kb)
10- 0:24 (121kb)
11- 0:23 (114kb)
12- 0:24 (120kb)

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