Fanclubparty 2001

Where: EXTRA, Koblenz
When: 29 Dec. 2001
Members there: 400-ish
(from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, America, France, Russia, etc.)

WW! was represented by: Sofia.


Fanclubparty 2000

Where: EXTRA, Koblenz
When: 6 Jan. 2001
Members there: 537
(from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Russia, America, France)

WW! was represented by: Sofia.



The number one reason why Koblenz fills up with tourists in the end of December or beginning of January each year. The annual Modern Talking Fanclubparty. Here are the sights of the day in question, from two different parties (as of yet). Have fun!

2000 (2001-01-06)

104 photos from three different cameras!
Photos from: Sofia Carlsson, Stefanie Müller, Birgit Wobbe.


2001 (2001-12-29)

A lot of brand new photos!
Photos from: Sofia Carlsson.



Thanks to
who sponsored Sofia's trip to Germany in December 2001.
(which is why you see a lot of these banners around
the place. I don't display them for financial gain,
just as a return favour since they were so kind
to me. It's the least I can do to show my gratitude!)