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Copyright information regarding photos and text on Weidungs Welt! and Fanmade, plus some genral fan ethics. Damn my legal concience! ;)



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§1 Authorisation and more
§2 Using trademarks
§3 Photos
§4 Threats and insults
§5 Fanmade archive
§6 Audio & video material

§7 Thomas Anders Mailing List
§8 Weidungs Welt!
§9 Legal responsibilities
§10 Technical difficulties
§11 Ethics


This site is unautorized and has not been approved by Thomas Anders/Bernd Weidung, Claudia Weidung, Guido Karp, Thomas' or Claudia's relatives, Christian Geller, Matthias Brückner, KA.G.B. Music GmbH, BMG, Thomas Anders Music, Sony Music Publishing, or ATV Germany.
1b§ This site is created by a dedicated fan, Sofia Carlsson, and is operated with her in charge. Neither Thomas Anders nor anyone closely associated with him have anything to do with it.
1c§ Since this site is not run by Thomas Anders, emails to him sent to any @thomasanders.net email addresses goes to the webmaster (Sofia). She is not responsible for forwarding any messages to Thomas Anders or Dieter Bohlen, no matter what their contents are.

The names "Weidungs Welt" and "Fanmade" are copyrighted and may not be used without authorization (except in links). Unauthorized use is a copyright violation and a crime.
2b§ The name "Fanmade" is considered a trademark of Weidungs Welt! and is not to be associated with any other sites except Weidungs Welt!.
2c§ The use of trademarks, such as (but not limited to) Modern Talking, Blue System, KA.G.B. Music GmbH, BMG, FansUNITED, FAN-Association, Sony Music Publishing, CBS, Thomas Anders Music, Warner Chappell, Blue Obsession Music, EastWest, Polydor, or ATV Germany are only mentioned for information purposes.


The pictures in the Photo Gallery are used with permission. If you save the photos and use them on your site without asking the photographer first, you are violating the copyright laws. You can of course save them for private viewing on your computer.
3b§ Some of the other photos on the site are by unknown photographers, and because of that we have not been able to ask them for permission. If they happen to be yours and you feel unjustly treated - email the Weltmaster Sofia (info@thomasanders.net) and she will remove the photos in question.


In case of any plausible and/or believable threats pointed at Thomas Anders/Bernd Weidung, Claudia Weidung, Dieter Bohlen or anyone closely associated with them, come in through our sources (emails, guestbook entries, etc.), they will be immediately reported to the police and the people in question will be notified.
4b§ In case of insulting messages pointed at anyone, they will be ignored. Messages with pornographic material left in the guestbook will be deleted on detection. The writers of such messages should grow up, and if they hate the music of Modern Talking, Thomas Anders or Dieter Bohlen so much, they should stop listening to it, and also stop visiting websites containing such material.


5a§ All the files in the Fanmade section are protected under the copyright laws. Rights to the pictures and text sent in belong to those who made it. They are used with permission on the site.
5b§ All stories are fictional (made up, not real), and do not claim to be real or authentic in any way.
5c§ All stories, except "Serious Stories" (fictional, but with a serious tone), are to be considered as jokes.
----5c1§ None of the authors of these stories mean anything personal or insulting with them.
----5c2§ The characters of these stories are like cartoon characters. Personalities and ways of talking have been severely exaggerated to bring out the comedy values, not to insult.
----5c3§ We appologuise to those who feel unjustly treated by these stories, but beg them to consider the fact that we're only making these jokes because we love them and what they do. Without you, we wouldn't have anything to write about, listen to, or love like this! (this appologuise is directed esp. at Eric Singleton, Dieter Bohlen and Guido Karp - remember, we mean no harm!)
5d§ Print or save the photos and text as much you like, but publishing them on websites without asking permission is illegal, especially if the writer or drawing artist are not given proper credit.
5e§ If you like a story so much that you want to send it in to a magazine, that's great, but please ask the writer for permission first, even though he or she probably think it's a great idea as well. And he or she probably wants a copy of the magazine afterwards (I know I would!). Same thing goes with filmings or audio recordings.

Using audio clips (up to 45 seconds) on websites without permission is legal, which is why we use them.
6b§ Using full sound files on websites, such as full songs, without permission is illegal.
File sizes, file endings, or file types makes no difference.
----6c1§ If a full song is presented in a .wav, .mid, .aif, .rm, .ram, or .wma file (for instance), it's just as illegal as if it had been in an .mp3 file.
----6c2§ Using a short clip in .mp3 is just as legal as using a short .wav clip.
6d§ None of the video material is made by Weidungs Welt! personally. We only link to other places, such as Eurodancehits (music video clips) and SAT.1 (video clips).
6e§ We do use full interviews in both text and audio (music cut out), and this is just to entertain the fans who are not able to see or hear these things themselves, because they might not have any German TV-channels, or because the interviews are not new.
6f§ Copyrights belong to the rightful owners.


TAML is a non-profit web-based organisation that is only here to make fans of Thomas Anders all around the world to get in touch with eachother.
7b§ The membership is absolutely free.
7c§ You can be a member for as long as you like.
7d§ Subscription, unsubscription, posting and contact information:
----7d1§ Subscribing: Email thomasanders-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, or use the form here, or go to the TAML page and click "Join this group!" (requires a Yahoo! membership ID).
----7d2§ Unsubscribing: Email thomasanders-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com, or go to the TAML page and click "Leave group" (requires a Yahoo! membership ID).
----7d3§ Posting: Email thomasanders@yahoogroups.com, or go to the TAML page and click "Post" (requires a Yahoo! membership ID).
----7d4§ Contacting the owner: Email thomasanders-owner@yahoogroups.com.
----7d5§ Contacting the moderators: Email thomasanders-moderator@yahoogroups.com.


Weidungs Welt!'s main purpose is to inform, and entertain the fans of Modern Talking and Thomas Anders' solo works.
8b§ Weidungs Welt! is a non-profit website. None involved in making and updating this site makes any money out of doing so. The only thing anyone gets out of working on this site is occasional exhaustion and an empty wallet (well, OK, that only goes for the Weltmaster).
8c§ About sponsorship.
----8c1§ We're not against sponsoring as such. (In fact, I'd be happy if anyone paid me for the work I do on this page, but no one ever does.)
----8c2§ We display EuroLines links and logos on the site because they were very kind and did the closest thing to sponsoring us that anyone ever has. Thanks to them, Weidungs Welt! was represented at the Fanclubparty on 29 Dec. 2001.

9a§ When it comes to links, we check all the website link suggestions that people send in. If we see the suggested site contains full songs for download, we take the right not to link to that page.
9b§ Same thing goes for sites that are of little or no interest to fans of Thomas Anders or Modern Talking (for instance: why link to a site about dogs just because both Thomas and Dieter have dogs?).
9c§ We can't promise to that the sites we link to are free of illegal material, because sites approved for linking are not checked very often.
9d§ The crew at Weidungs Welt! is not responsible for the contents of the sites we link to.
9e§ Any injuries aquired viewing Weidungs Welt! or Fanmade are not our problem. If you eg. have a weak heart, you should know better than to read any of the "Nonsense Stories" in Fanmade, for instance. Some of them are extremely funny. (Sure, this is a silly statement, but anyway.)

10a§ Occasionally you might encounter errors of some sort when surfing this page.
----10a1§ If your computer stops working when viewing this page, it's neither our problem nor responsibility.
----10a2§ If you have problems, such as JavaScript errors, viewing this page, check your browser settings before complaining.
----10a3§ If the site is down, it's due to some technical upgrade of the server or domain name provider. Check back later.
----10a4§ Dead links, missing pages, etc. - please inform us about it, so that we can correct it.
10b§ This site is compatible with most browsers, but looks best in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and up.
10c§ In order to view this page to the fullest:
----10c1§ You should have a computer with a screen resolution of at least 800x600, even though 1024x768 is recommended and preferred.
----10c2§ Your computer screen should have at least 16k (16 million) colours.
----10c3§ Your browser should be set to accept Javascript and in some cases also Java.
10d§ Not all browsers can handle CSS/Stylesheets, which will cause this website to look like a real mess. Update your browser.


11a§ Neither Weidungs Welt! nor TAML approves of stalking.
----11a1§ Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they want to talk to their fans all the time.
----11a2§ If people are in Koblenz and want to see where the building where Thomas Anders lives is, sure, go ahead. We've done that too.
----11a3§ We only agree on this "sightseeing" as long as the fans keep their distance and not enter the building in question, or knock on the door.
----11a4§ Why we have a picture of Zeisigstrasse 14? Because Thomas Anders does not live there anymore. This is why we don't display a photo of where he lives now, or where he grew up.
----11a5§ We do know the street and street number where Thomas Anders currently lives, and where he grew up. However, we're not going to pass on this information because of the concern for security and privacy of those who live there.
----11a6§ If you're desperate to find these places anyway, check with the population of Koblenz, that's all I say. Several of them would be happy to help you, which I know from personal experience.

Thank you.


Sofia Carlsson,
Weltmaster of Weidungs Welt & Fanmade
Moderator & Creator of the Thomas Anders Mailing List


Questions? Comments? Email info@thomasanders.net !


Die Bilder in der PHOTO GALLERY sind alle mit Erlaubnis veröffentlicht. Falls du die Bilder ohne um Erlaubnis zu fragen auf anderen Seiten verwendest, verletzt du das Copyright!

Auch alle Dateien der FANMADE unterliegen dem Copyright!

TAML wurde für Thomas Anders-Fans gemacht. Diese Seite dient dem gegenseitigen Kontakt zwischen Fans aus der ganzen Welt. Der Verfasser möchte keine persönliche finanzielle Profite aus der Seite ziehen! Die wichtigste Absicht von Weidungs Welt! ist es, die Fans von Modern Talking und von Thomas Anders' Solo-Werken zu informieren und zu unterhalten.

Dies ist keine offizielle Thomas Anders-Homepage! Sie wird nicht von Thomas Anders betreut!

Wenn Leute nach Koblenz gehen wollen, um das Haus zu sehen, in dem Thomas Anders lebt, haben wir nichts dagegen. So lange die Fans Distanz bewahren und nicht einfach so das Haus betreten. Nur weil jemand eine prominente Persönlichkeit ist, heisst das nicht, dass diese Person ständig mit seinen Fans reden möchte.

Vielen Dank!

Sofia Carlsson
Moderator & Autor der Thomas Anders Mailing List


Fragen? Verbesserungsvorschläge? Kommentare?
Schreib eine E-Mail an weltmaster@thomasanders.net!