Congratulations, advice, and babyname suggestions!

Wow, we got quite a turnout for this! :) A whole bunch of fans wanted to send their love, name suggestions and advice.


Not just that, it turns out, nearly all the fans who wrote in any of the forms here were positive on the Weidungs having a baby! Isn't that nice? :)


Which gender did people think the baby would have? 4 lucky guessers thought it would be a boy, one thought it would be two girl twins, two thought a pair of twins both a girl and a boy, but the majority (5) thought it would be a girl!



Dimitris Vithoulkas, Greece:
Dear Thomas and Claudia
All MT fans and including me of course are very happy for this happy incident and i hope that the baby will be full of health and that it would become an excellent singer like his or her father and beautifull human being as his or her mother. You like all parents have to be very patient when your child is growing older. Just try to keep him or her away from the dangers of the out world and always show love and devotion to him or her.
Oh and something else. If it is a boy when he grows up in some years,talk to Dieter and form together with one of his kids a new Modern Talking. Wouldn't it be great? OK I know that Dieter's children are much too older but it worths i believe!


Minjung Kim, South Korea:
Congratulation! Thomas, you will be the best father, singing lullabies with angel voice And the baby will be grown up like you, the luckiest person in the world.


Jin-hwan Cha, Republic of Korea:
Congratulation! (I can't speaking english... sorry!) I'm Modern Talking Fan (since 1985).

[some text in Korean that my email program refused to show, so I can't put it here] Please, visit to Korea!


David, Spain:
I hope your children will be the next Thomas Anders voice generation!!


Nina Michelsson, Sweden:
Congratulations to the coming baby, to the both of you Thomas and Claudia... wish you the best and take care. Best wishes from Nina


Olga, Ukraine & Germany:
Thomas & Claudia ist das schöne paar!!! My name Olga. ich bin schwanger jetst. Ich freue für T&C13 januar hatte ich termin, ober my kind schon nicht becomen. Ich wünsche alles gut Claudii und Thomas!!!!!!!!


Nilofar, Iran:
Hello. Happy new year and I wish the best time for yo . I hope you well be happy and successfull in you life and the lord give you a nice and health baby. My best regards.


Yuliya, Samara/Russia:
Dear Thomas!!! All our Love and Support are with you and Claudia. Love, your fans from Russia.

Michaela, Romania:
Congratulation for your baby! I wish you and your beautiful wife Claudia, to have you a lovely child, which to enjoy and to brighten up your life!


Carlos, Spain:
Enhorabuena Thomas, te felicito por el nacimiento de tu hijo, sigue cantando como los angeles, un abrazo.


Lyudmila, Ukraine:
textarea: I wish You the best ones that only can be in this world!
I am sure that Your Baby (or Babies?!)will be the best child on this world!!!
Be happy and love each other!

Maggi, Sweden:
CONGRATULATION TO YOUR FIRST FATHERSHIP!!! Hope you two have the cutest baby in the world. ///Maggi


Johanna Müller, Germany:
Hallo Claudia+Thomas, alles Gute für euren Nachwuchs. TSCHÜSS, Johanna

Saba, Iran:
Hi Thomas. I love you more than words can say. I wish for you all the best. I love you. I love you. I love you. I'm living just with this hope that can see you nearly in future.
I'm your mad, really. I can't live without your you and your sound. I love you......
bye my dear.

Congratulation for your baby. I love you and I love your future baby.


Natasha, Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine:
Hallo, du bist besser!!!

Victoria, Estonia:
I wanted to congratulate them. i love thomas so much and i wish him all the best. i dont want to give advices cos they know by theirselvs what they should do.

Max Teh, Malaysia:
All the best Both Thomas & Dieter!

Marta Silva, Chile:
Hola, felicidades, ojala que sea un varon y se llame Cristopher Thomas, chao.


Mascret, near Paris/France:


Manuela & Günter Cau, Koblenz-Horchheim:
Hallo Claudia und Berni, weiß garnicht so recht, was ich mit dieser Internetseite hier anfangen soll aber ich denke, es geht hier darum, Euch zu gratulieren, daß Ihr's nun wohl endlich geschafft habt, Euch den Kinderwunsch zu erfüllen. Nun ja, ich finde es echt witzig, auf welche Ideen die Leute wohl kommen um Euch schon jetzt Glückwünsche zu übermitteln. Aber ich schließe mich natürlich gern einer gemeinsamen gratulation an. Also.... HERZLICHEN GLÜCKUNSCH ! und vorallem alles liebe und Gute von meinem Freund und mir. Da Ihr uns nicht kennt und sicherlich auch nix mit den Glückwünscen anfangen könnt, freut Euch halt eben darüber. Herzlichst, Günter und Manuela aus Koblenz-Horchheim.


Janet, Germany:
Hallo thomas! Ich wünsche euch alles gute! Hoffe es wird ein gesundes und schönes kind (sowie du)! Bye, janet.
Hello thomas! i wish you all the best! And I hope he will be a healthy and nice child (like you)! Bye, janet

Angeles Diaz, Barcelona/Spain:
Danke fur live¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Your eyes are like fresh water mountain and they given the wish to full my hands on it¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Please come back to Barcelona, if di can't come you on MT team representation¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Te queremos en España. Liebe in Spanien.

Helen Shevtsova, Rostov-on-Don/Russia:
Dear Thomas!!! Dear Claudia!!! We are all very glad that you're waiting for children! Wish you healh, love, happiness and everything that you want! May all your dreams come true!!! We love you! We invite you in Rostov-on-Don!

Natalia, Poland:
I Love Thomas.

Dolores, Argentina:
Thomas good luck.......

Regina, Germany:
Dear Thomas & Claudia! Is It true that you are going to have a baby? Well,if it is true, I wish you & your child many love & happynies. With a little love, your Regina.

Weronika, Yekaterinburg/Russia:
My dears! I love your baby before it born! Bernd, Claudia - the sweetest people! Be happy and smily!


Salih, Turkey:
Is there a song composed by thomas for his son/daughter in the new album 'Victory'? [Nope, sorry!]


Ramona, Romania:


Elvan IŞik, Istanbul/Turkey:
[The rest was written in turkish, which my email program objected to, so it wouldn't display properly, but it looked like it was a nice email.]


Other congratulants were these (who didn't leave a message):

Maryam, Iran

Parvez, India
Radek, Poznan/Polen
Thomas Choi, South Korea

and someone called Nadia.



Elaine Cheong in Malaysia had some good advice for Thomas that she picked up from her mother: "you need to make a ginger soup I think to your wife to... what shall I say... to recharge her energy...". Sounds like a good idea to me!


Juliet in Moscow had some advice regarding the name of the child: "I think the best name they could give to the child is a name of Thomas' or Claudia's parents. Or to connect this names, e.g. if the child will be a girl a name can be made from the names of Thomas's and Claudia's mothers and the same if the child will be a boy, but with their fathers names. I think parents will be very glad!!!!!!!!!!!" Absolutely!



All in all, the name that got most votes was (not very surprisingly) Thomas. Like an anonymous contributer said: "Thomas is my favorite name. But there no contact with Thomas' name!"


Michaela in Romania also suggested Thomas, plus Isabelle, if it would be a girl. Another Romanian, Ramona, suggested Clara and Christian.


Others who voted for Thomas were Saba in Iran (who also suggested Bernd), and Hammy_hamster in Russia: "I think that Thomas is very beautiful name", who also suggested Tanya, for the very simple reason - "it is my name:)". Good point. :)


Mariana or Daniel, suggested from Nuno in Portugal. Daria in Poland suggested Vanessa or Michael: "The choice is yours!! :)"

Our very own Elaine Cheong from Malaysia also had a few ideas; Alison-Lisa or Adrian-Ralf: "I just came across these names from a dictionary and so, I decided to use it..." But later, she had a change of heart: Bernd Weidung, Jr. - "I just thought of this name after I've submitted another name last night..."

Maryam was suggested by someone who wasn't positive at all to the whole baby thing. Mariah in Russia was tired and not very positive on the baby when she surfed in, but that didn't stop her from suggesting Anthony and Shakira, who really made the charts go wild earlier this year!

Yolanda surfing in from Spain thought Yolanda would be a good name for a girl - "I like my name ;)", or Ivan, if it was a boy. Marta Silva in Chile suggested Cristopher... I think.

Sophia and Peter were suggested by Weronika in Russia - "It's my choices. Peter, it's Bernd's father name and Sophia - it's so nice!" Oh, you are so right! ;)


Victoria in Estonia had this to say: "I just want to suggest a babyname for him. I suggest Angel cos this baby trully is an ANGEL." Couldn't agree with you more. :)

No one suggested Alexander... or even Mick... but those were the names they chose! :)